Delamain Cognac X O Pale&Dry

Delamain Cognac X O Pale&Dry

Eye Clear, light amber with golden flecks
Nose Floral aromas with notes of orange spiced tea, fresh cut apples, and cherries backed by the distinctive vanilla of its rancio
Mouth Delicate floral flavors, with sleek notes of vanilla, the wood tied powerfully well, a fine interplay of fruit and acidity laced with a touch of licorice,with a lengthy finish
Serving Temp. 16-18°
Pairings As a digestif or with a cigar
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Delamain 2590
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Type Distillati
Appellation Cognac
Grape N/A
Grape details N/A
Region Francia (FR)
Place of Production N/A
Alcholic Grade 40.0%
Wine bottle size 0,7 L
Organic wine N/A
Biodynamic wine N/A
Production year N/A
Awards N/A

Delamain is one of the oldest houses in Cognac, founded in 1824. It sources brandy from partner distillers in the top-rated Grande Champagne zone to mature for an extended period of time – unlike other houses, Delamain does not produce a VS or VSOP Cognac.Cognac Grande Champagne is Cognac brandy made from the vineyards the most respected of the six Cognac districts (crus) that surround Cognac town. Its name often leads to confusion, and assumptions that it is somehow connected with the sparkling wine region Champagne.

Brandy is the name used for a wide range of potable spirits.

These are mostly from grape wines but sometimes also from other fruits (for fruit brandies see Eaux-de-Vie).The name brandy is a shortened form of brandywine.

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