Grappa Extrafine Selezione Nardini

Grappa Extrafine Selezione Nardini

Eye Clear crystalline
Nose Aromatic complex where floral (pink) and fruity (peach-banana) scents predominate
MouthSoft, elegant, round and persistent
Serving Temp.10-12°
PairingsFruit platter, desserts
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Type Spirit
Appellation N/A
Grape N/A
Grape details N/A
Region Italia (IT)
Place of Production N/A
Alcholic Grade 14.8%
Wine bottle size 0,75 L Standard
Organic wine N/A
Biodynamic wine N/A
Production year N/A
Awards N/A

The maximum expression of the ability, matured in over two centuries, to combine tradition with the continuous evolution of the art of distillation. A journey that began twenty years ago, with the choice of the softest and most fragrant grappas kept in our cellars. Unique spirits embellished with these bottles, inspired by our headquarters, "Bolle by architect Massimiliano Fuksas, the beating heart of the Nardini distillery.

Soft, elegant and persistent, with floral and fruity scents. This white grappa called by the name Extrafina, comes from the experience of over two centuries of the Nardini family in the art of distillation. Raw material: the softest scented grappas of plurivitgno wisely selected by our expert distillers.

PRODUCTION PROCESS: blend of grappas produced with a discontinuous system with boilers and a continuous system with distillation columns.

Appearance: clear crystalline.

Aromatic profile: aromatic complex where floral (pink) and fruity (peach-banana) scents predominate.

Taste: soft, elegant, round and persistent.

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