Rum Nation Panama 10 Anni

Rum Nation Panama 10 Anni

EyeLight chestnut
NoseDelicate, fresh, light, sweet and fruity
MouthLight-bodied with a certain greasiness, sweetness of sugar cane prevailing without being cloying carrying Acacia honey, sultanas, milk chocolate flavours on palate
Serving Temp.6-8°
PairingsFish based appetizers, fish based dishes,seafood
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Type Spirit
Appellation N/A
Grape N/A
Grape details N/A
Region Panama
Place of Production N/A
Alcholic Grade 14.8%
Wine bottle size 0,75 L Standard
Organic wine N/A
Biodynamic wine N/A
Production year N/A
Awards N/A

PANAMA 10 y.o.

Appearance: Light chestnut honey.

Bouquet: Delicate, fresh, light, sweet and fruity.

Palate: Light-bodied, but with a certain greasiness. The sweetness of sugar cane prevails, but without being cloying. Acacia honey, sultanas, milk chocolate. A hint of orange and apricot.

Aftertaste: Clean, soft, with a sweetness that never tires.

Comment: Direct and accessible, ideal for those who are approaching the world of rum for the first time or simply love the sweet and carefree Latin style.

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